Now’s the Time: Bring In the Pro


What do Facebook, Google and Coca-Cola have in common?

They all built their talent with recruiters. These companies needed dozens of recruiters dedicated to seeking out the crème de la crème in creative/design and development roles. 

Why a professional recruiter is more critical than ever

As recruiting industry veterans, the #1 question we get is: How do I find a great recruiter?

Well, that’s a top priority for a good reason. 

Running a marketing or creative division? You undoubtedly need to find the best creative talent at the beginning. As rewarding as talent-sourcing can be, let’s admit – it can also turn into one of the most time-consuming and soul-draining tasks. 

Sure, you can hire talent yourself. But should you?

When your company hits hyper-growth, and the executives want you to grow market share and win new customers, adding recruitment on the list suddenly becomes…unrealistic. In fact, it’s awfully easy to fall behind. The stakes are high.

We’ve spoken to some of our clients from the marketing and creative industries and discovered these common challenges:

  • Recruiting costs time – taking them away from their core duties.
  • Positions take longer to fill
  • Access to a limited talent pool
  • Not all of them have recruitment knowledge or tools

If your head is starting to hurt, then it’s time to engage a well-resourced recruiter. Not only can it take that huge (and painful) headache away, but it also saves your employees a lot of time by letting the recruiter manage the candidate search and interview process and showcase the best candidates for your open roles.

Why partner with Hire Profile

  • Access to a wider talent pool
  • Work with creative industry veterans who understand the market
  • Source talent more quickly through our vast networks and referral sources 
  • We free you up so you can concentrate on your job
  • We can find you a freelancer until you are ready to hire 
  • Shorten the time to hire, saving you time and money

As a professional recruiting agency in the marketing and advertising industries, we get your company and your mission at a gut level – and we mean it.

  • Recruiting is our sole focus
  • We’re equipped with the search tools to find people who are not necessarily looking  
  • We analyze your job description, salary, and selling points (and trust us, you need selling points right now) 
  • We match candidates to your culture, location, work environment, vaccination status, WFH policy, management style, and requirements 

Partner with us to find your creative talent at every level 

No BS, just bona fide talent solutions that are targeted at companies of all stages.

To avoid stalling out in your most important area for growth, schedule a chat with us today.