How to Practice Gratitude in Your Career


Showing gratitude in your life can help you to lead a life that is focused on celebrating your personal journey. Take part in our Gratitude Challenge this November!

When we grow our careers, sometimes we forget to enjoy the journey along the way. It is easy to get caught up in meeting your goals rather than focusing on the path that led you to them. Unfortunately, this isn’t always a good thing. 

Sometimes, we need to sit back and enjoy the special moments, people, and opportunities that work can bring to fully appreciate the experience. Actively practicing gratitude is the key to enjoying your well-earned success. 

This November, we are challenging you to reach out to at least one person a week who has influenced your career in some way. Post about them on social media, send them an email, or make a call—just make sure that you show your gratitude and reflect on the incredible people that have made your career better. 

This November, we are challenging you to reach out to at least one person a week who has influenced your career in some way.

This is just the beginning. There are many ways to practice gratitude in your career.

Practicing Gratitude in Your Career

Career growth is a common point of focus while working, and that can be a wonderful thing. It is great to be driven and to want to move forward, but it is even better to appreciate the small moments that make it all possible. Focusing on what you are thankful for and what wonderful chances come your way can help you to feel even more satisfied down the line.

How to Embrace Gratitude at Work

At work, it is almost too easy to be negative. We get caught up in what isn’t going right and what is holding us back. This is natural, but it doesn’t need to be. By taking the right steps to practice gratitude, you can put your best foot forward and enjoy your journey from start to finish with a better mindset.

Be Thankful for Constructive Feedback

All too often, we look at feedback as an indication of something that we have done wrong. In reality, we are being instructed on ways to improve—and this is good. Constructive feedback from valued sources can help us to learn more, perform better, and grow. Instead of seeing it as a bad sign, look at it as the opportunity that it is.

Celebrate Mentors and Trainers

Even a seasoned professional in any industry knows that mentors and trainers help us to improve year over year. Little things, like being taught how to craft a more effective email, can have long-lasting positive effects on your career. Picking up a new skill set makes you a more valuable employee, and it can help you to reach those bigger goals down the line. Celebrating the people who help you to obtain these skills can be a great way to practice gratitude along the way.

Make Empowering Connections with Others

Working for a business, chances are that you don’t work alone. You are likely surrounded by peers, managers, mentors, and inspirational figures that all have so much to share. In many ways, connecting with others is an act of gratitude on its own. It shows that you care about what people bring to a team, and it allows you to appreciate what they bring to your life too.

The Takeaway

Being motivated to succeed and focused on improving is an admirable goal, but without gratitude, it will always be a little empty. You deserve to succeed when you put in the work, but success is much sweeter when you recognize the help and support that you received along the way. Next time you are presented with a wonderful opportunity, be sure to take a moment to acknowledge just how thankful you are for it. It can make all the difference when you reach that final summit and look back to see just how great your journey was.