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We know who you need.

Hire Profile is here to help you meet your planned resource and full-time staffing needs, but sometimes resource emergencies happen and when they do, we’ll help keep you cool in a crisis. We are constantly screening new marketing and creative talent and keeping up with industry news so we know who is where, who is happy and who is looking.

“Good enough” never cuts it, so call Hire Profile. Our creative database is always fresh and we know who can pull off those minor (or major) miracles that you and your clients demand. We’ll always get right back to you with the perfect creative, marketing, production or management resource that you need.

Know what you’re getting

Hire Profile uses references, referrals and our seasoned intuition to vet the candidates we present to you. However, when you need to take the selection process a step further, we are the only creative staffing firm to offer a powerful online assessment tool that screens for particular skill sets and expertise. These tests outline specific skills or abilities so you can make a more educated hiring decision. It’s extra insurance that the talent behind the portfolio will perform as expected and allows you to view candidates through their strengths.

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