Unlock The Digital Portfolio Playbook for Landing Your Dream Gig


All the top media agencies in the world thrive on two things: creativity and innovation.

The opportunities are endless if you’re talented enough to land a role in one – learning in a fast-paced environment and picking up new skills along the way. Not to mention you get to sink your teeth in some of the world’s biggest projects.

The big question is, how do you get a leg up on the competition in this tight job market?

We’ve pulled together the most helpful tips valued by real creative talents, so you can build the most astounding digital portfolio. Digest this completely before you hit that ‘apply’ button!

The emerging trend top companies can’t ignore

Employers all over the world are becoming more visual, especially the ones in creative industries. They recognize excellence, what fuels culture growth, and most importantly – the significance of good design

Introducing #TikTokResumes. Yes, TikTok is now pushing applicants to send video resumes directly to brands to land their next gig!

To reimagine the recruitment and talent discovery process, global heavyweights like Shopify, Target, WWE, and Alo Yoga are now encouraging creatives to include TikTok video resumes and showcase their multifaceted skill sets.

Is #CareerTok here to stay? We are not fortune tellers. But we can tell you that building a robust digital portfolio is your direct access to landing your dream creative gig.

 4 things that do not belong in your digital portfolio

  1. Using Social Media profiles only
    This won’t cut it, always provide a conventional resume.
    Although we live in a digital world, never forget to include your print portfolio ready for review IRL. Tip: develop your digital portfolio, then base the printed portfolio off of that.
  2. Hard to read elements
    Make it easy to browse through and present your work right in front of them.
  3. Selling hard
    Never sell yourself too hard by using showy buzzwords.
  4. Too much of a good thing
    Overusing branding elements can take the focus away from the brilliance of your web design. Also, no need to put everything you have ever done on your portfolio site. Just highlight the best of the best. 

4 must-haves to land your gig successfully

  1. Unforgettable brand and visual elements
    Be original, let your quirkiness shine through and always attach high-quality images in your portfolio.
  2. Swift navigation and mobile-friendly experience
    Using platforms like Zyro and Squarespace can help you look professional from the get-go.
  3. Use Social Media professionally
    Tie your digital profile back to your LinkedIn. TikTok is the buzz right now, but don’t forget there are over 100 Marketing and Advertising companies listed on LinkedIn in Atlanta alone! 
  4. Interesting and approachable profile
    The best designer is a great storyteller. Showcase what you are best at, and why they should work with you.

This portfolio ticks all the boxes

We are swooning over this creative portfolio by Robert Nyton. Why?

  • Sleek design and simple layout
  • Inviting flow and easy to read
  • Perfect amount of visual elements
  • Tells the story about recognition, achievements and services provided
  • Strong call-to-action and accurate contacts details

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