How Strong Is Your Social Commerce Team?


Think of the last time you saw a pair of pajama-inspired pants that are perfect for all your Zoom meetings on your Instagram feed. The ones you never even knew you needed. You tapped “Shop now”, got directed to PayPal (no login required, how convenient!) and checked out right there in the app. It took about 2 minutes, insanely instantaneous. The hardest part of the whole process? Waiting for that delivery. Now, go back to scrolling.

This is the standard online shopping experience in the United States currently. As of April 2020, 37% of U.S. internet users (aged 18 to 34, the most coveted demographic) reported they had purchased something from social media before but never did so regularly.

We are seeing rapid adoption of shoppers transacting within social media platforms – shopping opportunities presented right in front of your target audience. And you should be taking advantage of these golden opportunities.

Catch the waves of growth through social commerce
Welcome to the thrilling world of social commerce – where total sales in the United States hit $19.42 billion, with the global market size valued at $474.8 billion in 2020​.

TikTok, WeChat, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest…you name it.
Social commerce is crucial as it helps businesses worldwide provide a seamless omnichannel shopping experience, allowing people to shop instantly from anywhere. WFH? Another lockdown? No worries, we will have your pastel sweatpants delivered tomorrow.

No doubt, this will be your MVP channel to get your brand out there.

How to set up your social commerce dream team
Right, you’ve found the MVP channel to grow the business. But how exactly would you do it?

It’s time to build your all-star team.

As the fastest-growing retail market segment, social commerce attracts talents from retail heavyweights to boutique startups. Everyone is racing to capitalize on the digital gold rush. And we’re not talking about Bitcoin.

We all know that talent is the greatest asset your company has.

Running your company’s human resources and planning your media investment effectively requires an enormous amount of work. That will take time away from senior members who could be focusing on strategy and brand growth.

In some companies without an HR function, the leadership team will need to devote a significant amount of time and resources in hunting the right hires and training them up. Does your head hurt now?

This is where we step in.

How to boost your e-Commerce bottom line by upping your social commerce staffing game

As a specialist recruitment agency with a vast network of highly qualified marketing, creative, and media talent we deliver brilliant results. All our forces are centred around knowing the industry inside out and the best people in it because we were one of them.

E-commerce is a shopping experience through a website or an app. Social commerce, on the other hand, allows your customers to make a purchase within the social media environment. Like it, tap it, buy it. This experience is much more interactive than your typical online shopping spree.

They are two very different experiences – and you need a diverse pool of talents to help you run the machine.

To save you from hours of hard work, we’ve summarised the key roles you must fill to build a powerhouse team structure (top-bottom):

  1. Chief e-Commerce Officer
  2. VP of e-Commerce
  3. Director, Social Commerce
  4. Manager, Social Commerce
  5. Social Commerce Strategist
  6. Social Commerce Specialist
  7. Social Commerce Analyst

Broadly speaking, the social commerce team will deliver the following accountabilities:

  • Drive the social commerce strategy across all social media platforms
  • Collaborate with retail teams to execute merchandising priorities
  • Design social-first shoppable content and conversational commerce experiences
  • Be a data nerd and use it to build optimization strategies
  • Extend follower growth and customer engagement across social channels and increase financial goals
  • Be highly creative and hungry to learn more

Let us build your social commerce growth engine

We understand that growing an e-commerce empire needs results quickly which is why we’re here to help, listen, and learn. Let us be your partner in discovering and reaching these candidates through our incredible network of specialized talent. Schedule a call with our Director of Client Success, Robin Glass at 404.806.2285 Ext: 702, and she’ll dig into it.