Top 5 Tips for Job Searching During Challenging Times

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By: Katharine Rutherford

Whether you are a seasoned marketer who “hasn’t got your groove back” since being laid off, or you are a 2022 graduate and don’t fit a category of “2-3 years of job experience,” this job market can be very challenging. Interviewing can be a soul-crushing experience. I thought I would share some tips to help you not only navigate this new world better but also enjoy (yes, that is possible) the job search experience. 

  1. Write your own Life Narrative: If life is the story we tell ourselves, and we become our focus, then the worst thing you can do is accept a victim mentality over things you cannot control. I tell our entry-level candidates that the current climate has helped them prepare for “real life.” I shared with a senior-level executive recently that a short stint was not the end of his career. Be your own Team Captain and ignore anyone that is not supporting you. Focus on what is going right and keep your eyes on the prize. 
  2. Mentor-Mentee. Either seek out to mentor or reach out as a mentee. Recent graduates would be surprised at how many executives will take their time to give advice and share their network. Senior-level executives have so much to give, and focusing on others is rewarding. It is also a great shift from a myopic mindset.  My career story is full of both examples and I am grateful for having had the help as well as helping others.
  3. Show Up Well. This is huge. Whether you are interviewing for your dream job or you just need to pay the bills, you owe it to yourself and the recruiter/hiring manager to present well. That means, don’t grab the interview in your car in a t-shirt with connectivity issues. Don’t wear your pajama outfit on the virtual call. Learn how lighting and backgrounds can showcase your image. Don’t speak self-sabotaging words like, “too young” or “too old.” Be prepared with the job description (at a minimum) in front of you. You may get one opportunity to pitch yourself. Do it well. Every. Single. Time. 
  4. Update your LinkedIn: Invest in LinkedIn Learning if needed or another online tool for tips like learning how to add skills to your job history. No job history, recent graduates? No problem. Add your college projects or freelance work to your resume, including what software tools you used. Add your skills to your LinkedIn profile. Recruiters/hiring managers utilize LinkedIn to find you. Post all relative software skills and job qualifications on your LinkedIn Profile utilizing their Skills feature. Examples: Marketing, Management, Strategy, Leadership, Project Management, Account Management, Social Content, UX/UI, Adobe CS, InDesign, Illustrator, Designer, and Art Production, Don’t include too many skills. Focus on the roles you want, what you want to do, and what you can bring to the position. 
  5. Update your Resume: Earlier in my career, after contracting with a great career coach/recruiter to help me rewrite my resume, my career took off.  I started landing some great interviews and wound up in the exact role I was pursuing. Now that I am in the recruiting industry, I have reviewed hundreds of resumes. I know from experience that your resume is key in sourcing prior to landing that screening interview. Have a solid template and customize it each time you apply for a job. Keywords are critical during this process. Your resume should match your LinkedIn profile, as either one may be used by the recruiter/hiring manager to source, select/eliminate, and connect for the screening interview. 

And, just one last thing to remember. You. Got. This!

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About the Author

Katharine “Kat” Rutherford builds relationships and recruits for Hire Profile. Prior to joining our team, Kat enjoyed a successful career in business development in the advertising and content space. Kat relocated to Atlanta in 2011 and has worked for some of our great hometown agencies. When Kat is not making matches for our agency, you may find her on the golf course or hiking with her two cardigan corgis.