LinkedIn Power and Pitfalls

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Since 2003, we’ve all come to know LinkedIn as the go-to business networking and thought leadership platform. It’s the most powerful resource currently available for job seekers and hiring managers alike. Where else can you hone in on companies with open positions, apply for a job and grow your professional connections within a matter of minutes? But like any public media arena, the platform has experienced issues staying true to its original intent. Over recent years, we’ve seen many a headline lamenting “LinkedIn is the new Facebook.” Although this sentiment leans more towards truth than fiction, we should remember our ability to harness the power of LinkedIn while avoiding the pitfalls. 

Power Up! LinkedIn at its best is chock full of insightful content. Anyone can access contemporary perspectives from the brightest leaders and cutting-edge companies daily. The power here lies in the platform’s potential to inspire, motivate, and keep users relevant in their respective fields. It also provides an opportunity to peer into the window of a company to glean insight into its cultural values, economic standing, and leadership leanings. This is an invaluable resource when you’re ready to make your next career move! Being immediately armed with the knowledge to make professional determinations based on the content insights they’re providing – or not – is empowering. 

LinkedIn is the most widely used social media platform among the Fortune 500

The most obvious superpower of LinkedIn stems from its roots. Built as THE place to find and promote yourself for employment, the core still stands, but there’s a lot more Facebook-type behavior to navigate. In the recruiting world, we rely on the platform for intel on where candidates are in their career journey, if they’re “Open to Work” opportunities, and who they are hobnobbing with on the platform. But we’ve come to learn that not everyone engages with LinkedIn on the same level as we do. Unless you’re a Fortune 500 company, engaging in B2B activity, or actively seeking or trying to fill a job you’re not on LinkedIn all that much. 

A typical LinkedIn user spends an average of 17 minutes on the platform per month

Pitfalls ahead! Mind the gap and navigate some of the more vexing challenges of the platform by avoiding bad behavior. First off, LinkedIn is not the place to pick or engage in political fights. It’s also not the best arena for revealing highly personal stories or unsolicited opinions. This seems obvious, but we’ve all experienced similar scenarios in LI Land. Remember that although LinkedIn is considered a “social” platform, the word business is synonymous with its purpose. Stay on target without being stiff and stodgy.

Another great tip is to use LinkedIn like a human, not a bot. Slamming the feed and people with salesy anything is offputting. Connecting with people in a personable way that makes sense, is a much better and more effective approach. And while LinkedIn can drive traffic and engagement your way, aggressive overuse can do more harm than good. So curate your content to cultivate that feel-good vibe!

LinkedIn Connection Rule of Thumb: Link with people you know, people you’ve worked with, people you want to work with, and people in your industry

As recruiters, LinkedIn is an invaluable resource. It’s hard to imagine how we functioned before its launch. And because we live there day in and day out, our perspective is pretty unique. We’ve gathered some team POVs on the platform below. We hope you find them insightful!

Most Enjoyed LI Content:

  • Polls! We love a good poll. They’re useful in gaining insight into where people stand on hot workplace, staffing, and creative industry topics.
  • Peer insights. We love hearing stories on recruiting challenges, being a part of solutions, garnering tips, and enjoying a few laughs!
  • Workplace trends and topics are really important to us. Culture, DEI, compensation and benefits, and creative insider ideas keep us on top of our game.

A Few LI Pet Peeves:

  • Abuse and overuse of the platform. Let’s remember that LI is a professional networking space. 
  • Lack of engagement and response to outreach attempts. Please let us know if you’re not in the market or if a job opportunity is not right for you. Our attempt to connect is genuine.
  • The dreaded algorithm. You know what we mean. More on that can be found here.

Our Professional LI Tips For Job Seekers:

  • Update your job and title. Let everyone know where you are, and what you’re currently doing.
  • Write a compelling “About” section. Tell us about your superpowers, passions, and yourself. Be sure to get some good job skill SEO language in there too.
  • Engage with your industry, peers, and recruiters! Build those relationships, it will pay off.
  • Consider announcing the start of a new role. Allowing the celebration of your achievement is a great engagement opportunity.
  • Share your knowledge! Referrals and industry insights are always welcome.