Senior Content Strategist / Copywriter

Skills: Creative Copywriter, Creative Producer, Advertising Copywriter, Content Strategist

Anita has written content for companies in many industries including retail, restaurants, healthcare, hospitality, automotive, and airlines. As advances in technology are constantly bringing changes to the ways we live, work, and play, much of her writing has been focused on helping consumers and businesses navigate the new landscape.

Writing has always been her passion. Anita launched her career as a journalist and transitioned into the marketing and advertising arena. Today, her portfolio includes content written for every communication channel – as well as just about every type of audience. Whether writing B2C or B2B marketing content or crafting RFPs, business pitches, marketing plans, and white papers, she infuses them with an energetic style that effectively engages readers. 

She loves brainstorming with others and working as a team but is perfectly comfortable when left to tap into her own creativity. Anita is available for freelance writing projects. 

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