Ted – Senior Designer/Packaging/Exhibit Designer

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Ted makes award-winning creativity happen – in 2D, 3D, and written communications. He has worked in exhibit design, packaging, POP, graphics, marketing, and promotions either in-house or supporting key national and global brands. In addition to multiple industry awards featuring his graphic and form factor concept and production work, his designs have been featured on The Big Bang Theory, NPR’s WNYC affiliate, and in the New York Times.

Innovative approaches to problem solving across a diverse range of project types are routine for Ted. He has served as point designer supporting Coke, Home Depot, Budweiser, Pepsi, and Kraft products, among others. Most recently he worked with the Levolor marketing team on graphics and packaging development for a rollout of over 800 SKUs of new packaging artwork.

Ted graduated from Auburn with a degree in Industrial Design and minors in Visual Communication and Architecture. When he wasn’t in the studio, he could be found DJing at WEGL, writing for Shade and Shadow design newsletter, and fronting a garage band.

Active in the Atlanta arts scene, Ted has served in leadership and volunteer roles with the High Museum Member’s Guild, Nexxus/The Contemporary Advisory Board, Industrial Designers Society of America, and the Allied Design Council. He loves travel, playing and composing music, single malt Scotch, and all things Tiki.

Contact Hire Profile at 404.806.2285 to schedule an interview with Ted today! He is open to full-time and freelance creative opportunities.