Sandra – Creative Services Director / Sr. Designer

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Sandra is a creative leader in Atlanta, specializing in the management of creative brand design and awareness.  Effective leadership, engaging ideas and collaborating strengths to engineer impact is how Sandra bridges creative vision and exciting results.  It’s a natural passion for her to encourage, fuel and guide creative people to push the envelope until something wonderful happens.

A New York native, Sandra’s career started as a design intern at MTV in Manhattan – crafting experiences in an open and collaborative design culture has been her drive ever since.

Sandra has a background in graphic design and many years experience managing creative concepts, the creative function for strategies and visual development.  She has collaborated with interdepartmental teams on both the corporate and agency side and is regarded for work in core creative marketing channels including, but not limited to:  Creative Services Management, Print and Web Advertising, Brand Concept and Strategy, Package Design and Production, Consumer Product Marketing and Tradeshow Floor Planning.

“Sandra is one who could completely transform and develop a collaborative team of designers.  While managing brand standards, delegating high-volume creative sales requests and bridging the gap between sales and marketing, she developed numerous processes that increased our quality control as well as production in packaging.”  VP of Marketing at Lackmond Products.

If you are looking for a Creative Services Director to promote a work environment that fosters design thinking, innovation and rational risk-taking you have found your match. Sandra is actively pursuing a full time role.  Contact Hire Profile at 404.806.2285 to schedule an interview today!