Internal Communications Manager / Storyteller

Skills: Writing, blogging, employee engagement, storytelling, social media management, live events

Pam is a writer and communications guru who makes everyone from employees to executives feel seen and heard. On the corporate front, she goes all out to engage employees in programs, stories, and events that foster togetherness. She seeks to build interconnectivity and demonstrate how each person contributes to an organization’s mission, vision, and values.

She’s helped build corporate cultures in industries including hospitality, energy, healthcare, and supply chain. Pam is masterful at creating and delivering key, consistent messages across channels including email, newsletters, intranets, executive blogs, social media apps, town hall meetings, and employee celebrations, as well as writing scripts for videos and speaking engagements.

Pam currently collaborates with entrepreneurs who want to grow their reputations and businesses. She audits websites, creates marketing materials, and provides support at live events. Pam is available for contract and permanent positions.

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