Barbara A. – Director of Marketing / Integrated Marketing / Digital Marketing

Barbara A. – Director of Marketing / Integrated Marketing / Digital Marketing

Barbara has extensive experience in everything from traditional CPG methods to digital from social media to building websites, to retail.  She knows how to blend the highly technical and strategic with extraordinary creative to reach business goals and the intended audience.

She believes that the complexity of digital marketing often overwhelms what’s very simple — generating a human-to-human connection between the customer and the company. The path might be high-tech, traditional media, or both.  The message must be simple, and integrated across all media to gain the required reach and frequency without any confusion.

Barbara has recently finished 3 years working with a major media publisher to create a study assessing the potential media revenues for online and offline advertising to help drive more efficient brand and co-op spending. The results were instrumental in assisting product teams develop new products to meet the changing media buying landscape. This led to a better online experience with stronger leads, and a much better return on investment. Barbara is an SME in Programmatic buying, RTB, Beacons, and URL depth analysis, and is constantly evolving fields for digital media.

In the depths of the recession she was the driving force in a catalyst to drive sales for a major retailer, Barbara created 30+ promotional and shopper experience programs tied to the Business Units peak shopping periods.   She created an integrated campaign, tying together traditional and digital marketing efforts, resulting in $53.9M in sales +7% YoY.

Throughout her career, Barbara has launched more than 40 Products in CPG and Mobile phones, plus developed 300 websites, from microsites for Facebook, to custom Shopper websites to blogs with massive, database-driven product showcases based on sales funnel analysis on a product by product level.

Barbara seeks a full-time integrated marketing position. Contact Hire Profile at 404.806.2285 to get this marketing expert on your team!