Christine W. – Creative Director / Graphic Designer

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Christine is a straight shooter. Clients know that they’ll get what they ask for and get it when it’s promised. She is good at communicating face-to-face (or electronically) to clients during the entire process. Clients and team members are comfortable with her authentic, comforting, open nature.

During her 15+ years in the marketing and creative industry, she has been involved in micro to national brand initiatives that have won several national and international awards. She’s had the honor of being an international judge for multiple award events, as well as teaching and speaking with universities and college students across the U.S.

Christine thrives on collaborating with smart, resourceful, self-starter people like herself and works great autonomously as well. Her eclectic background includes, but is not limited to: art direction, brand development, brand management, brand positioning, brand & visual identity systems, creative direction, promotional campaigns (print, digital, television, and radio), publication & editorial design, UI design and wire framing.

Contact Hire Profile at 404.806.2285 to schedule an interview with Christine today! She is available for freelance or full-time opportunities.