Christine – Sr. Customer Marketing Manager

Christine has a passion for customer marketing and channel development grounded in brand, consumer and customer strategy. She is accomplished at leading and executing marketing strategies in the CPG category, specifically focused, but not limited to, the beverage industry.

As a relationship builder, Christine successfully develops strong connections inspired by trust and competency with all levels of internal and external leadership. She thrives on analyzing consumer and industry trends and insights to create relevant programs, promotions and merchandising that not only create meaningful experiences but also drive growth on both a local and national basis. She has great energy and a passion for helping others, as well as seeing projects work successfully in the marketplace.

Christine excels at managing multiple projects and leading her cross-functional counterparts on new product development, merchandising, event planning and brand building initiatives. She loves to foster a fun working environment and enjoys working collaboratively with her team.

Christine is seeking senior-level marketing and account management opportunities where she can use her extensive skills and learn and grow in new environments. Contact Hire Profile at 404.806.2285 to schedule an interview today!