Graphic Designer

Skills: Branding & Identity, Advertising, Ad Campaigns

Ansley is a recent graduate from the Graphic Design program at Auburn University. As a designer, she thrives on collaborating in a creative environment and strives to achieve balance, beauty and longevity with her designs.

Ansley has interned with Atlanta Magazine and The Creative Momentum. She gained experience site mapping, wire-framing, and designing pages for multiple websites. She also worked closely with the creative director and design team and had the opportunity to design ads, email campaigns, logos and branding, spread layouts and attended photo shoots and conceptualized story and design ideas. Ansley looks forward to landing her first full-time position as a Graphic or UX/UI designer in Atlanta.
Please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today? 
I was born and raised in Alpharetta, GA and grew up knowing I wanted to make a difference in the world using my creative abilities. I chose to attend Auburn University for the opportunity to study Graphic Design, and to build a relationship with the incredible community that surrounds this school. After being selected as one of the top 15 students in our freshman class, I was accepted into the program and fell in love with visual communication. I love being a designer because it connects me to others; I have the ongoing opportunity to see through another individual’s eyes, put myself in their shoes, and bring a message to life. It’s about the second glance, the experience of a user, and the way humans think…and I cannot wait to continue growing with a future team.
Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way? 
I don’t think any day as a designer could be described as smooth. I have learned to embrace the creative process and accept that it takes failing sometimes to grow. I find so much value in constructive criticism, and am not afraid to go back to the drawing board. I struggle with never feeling completely accomplished or satisfied with my work. I am my toughest critic, but I try to translate that into drive and to never stop trying to produce the absolute best solution.
What is “success” or “successful” for you? 
Success, to me, means that I have produced something that accomplishes a client’s goal. Whether that means a website that provides the platform for their entire business or just a simple logo, it is always my goal to bring their vision to life and to fully dedicate myself to THEIR success.