Content is king and if you want yours to stand out, hire a copywriter. Tell them what you want to say and they will come up with the right combination of nouns, verbs, adjectives and perhaps even a little bit of slang to make your message impossible to ignore.

Corporate Communications Writers

When you need your message to be dressed for work, call on a corporate communications writer. These folks are skilled at B2B as well as B2C communications. They write detailed materials such as speeches, sell sheets, corporate brochures, vision/mission statements and more.

Technical Writers

Need how-to/instructional copy? We’ve got the writer for that. Technical writers can take complicated technical documentation and translate it into detailed user guides, design specifications, online help tools, and instructional manuals that are simple to use and easy to understand.

Web Content

Web writers know the language of the Internet inside and out. They thrive on creating persuasive email marketing campaigns, banner ads, websites, interactive presentations and all things mobile. A good web writer will have an understanding of blogging, search and social, and be agile enough to write pithy banners as well as detailed sub-page copy.


When you want to make sure that you’ve dotted all you I’s and crossed your T’s, there’s no substitute for a proofreader. They take a metaphorical (and sometimes, actual) red pen and clean up after your typos, grammatical errors and inconsistencies. If you’re tempted to skip it, remember a proofreader always costs less than reprinting or retracting.


Essential to many projects, a good editor curates and cuts, polishes and refines, shaping the vision for the finished piece. You can expect an editor to review documents for grammar, style and syntax, not to mention factual accuracy, overall appropriateness and legal considerations.

Public Relations

Paid to care what others think, PR gurus are keenly aware of issues that might impact, for good or ill, the operations and plans of their clients. Public relations experts serve their clients by anticipating, analyzing and interpreting public opinion and attitudes. These days everyone needs their own PR guru to manage media relations, public appearances, and even write a good old fashioned press release.

SEO Writers

Does Google like your website? Do you have enough Bing? Call on an SEO writer. This specific group of wordsmiths is responsible for optimizing a website by editing its content and HTML to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines.

SEM Writers

When you want to know what words are unique to your organization and how your customers find you, hire an SEM writer. This smart cookie will develop a keyword strategy as well as write the paid search engine campaign keywords and listing copy – so you don’t have to.