Digital & Traditional Project Managers

Project managers, or PMs as we call them, are indeed the prime ministers of the marketing world. Your PM works directly with creative and developmental staff and is responsible for managing resources, timelines and all the financials for a project, such as estimating, tracking, reconciliation and billing. PMs need to have a good understanding of the creative process and timing so they can coordinate multiple project details to ensure deadlines are met and that the end deliverable fits within predetermined business requirements and strategy.

Resource Managers

Who tracks all the people who are tracking your digital projects? When you need to be sure you are making the best use of all the people you’ve got, hire a resource manager. Your resource manager can track and predict staffing needs, as well as manage all the project managers’ timelines and hold them accountable. Your resource manager knows who is allocated to what and can anticipate staffing gaps or lulls.

Print Production Managers

Even in this digital age, there are still some hard and fast print deadlines. When you need to meet them, call upon a print production manager. These miracle workers oversee print projects from the initial phase of reviewing client requirements to the final stages of production and distribution. This individual is responsible for accurately estimating print production jobs, material sourcing, vendor sourcing, scheduling, press checks and final deliverables.

Creative Services Managers

Your creative services manager acts as the gatekeeper and is responsible for managing design teams, timelines and other departmental workflow. It’s sort of like an office manager except it’s tailored to your creative asylum.

Print & Digital Marketers

When you need nothing short of everything, call on a marketing expert to oversee all marketing, advertising and promotional staff and activities. This jack-of-all things marketer will establish marketing strategies and manage tactical execution to meet organizational objectives; evaluate customer research, market conditions and competitor data; and, implement responsive marketing plan changes within budget and timeline.

Executive Level (Director/VP/C-level)

There is no corner office too big for Hire Profile to fill. We can place executive, director and C-level candidates. When you need an industry leader, rainmaker or trendsetter to shape policy and procedure in your organization, let us introduce you to the best and brightest.

Product Marketers

When you’re launching or revamping a product, it goes without saying that you need a plan – and someone special to implement it. A product marketer will manage the project and monitor, review and report on all marketing activities and results. This role is responsible for determining and managing the marketing budget, developing pricing strategies and working as the liaison with media and advertising.

Account Managers & Supervisors

Nothing should come between you and your client – except an account manager. Account management can be relied upon to manage the day-to-day client communication and activities, acting as the liaison between the client and agency team. They will develop marketing communication plans, strategies and tactics to address client business needs and objectives. They’ll manage the implementation of creative campaigns, programs and projects, timelines and budgets.

Traffic Managers

There has to be someone who knows everything that’s going on, and that someone is usually the traffic manager. Traffic is responsible for job timing and chaperoning the project workflow from department to department. They ensure that each part of the project moves through the pipeline and is finished on time and within budget. They also have a watchful eye on those deadlines for submitting ads to media. Traffic managers must put together and update status reports and project timelines, which are distributed to designers, account managers and other team members.

SEO/SEM Managers

Organic search campaigns require daily time and attention. They’re just like orchids, only slightly more fickle. Your SEO/SEM manager will create and deliver a strategy based on your business objectives and the latest knowledge of search engine algorithms and then will execute campaign reporting and optimizations.