Presentation Designers

A big meeting or training session is no time to go D.I.Y. with your PowerPoint or Keynote. Let us find you a designer who will create stunning slides or any other presentation materials you need to wow the crowd.

Print/Web Production Artists

Need a 2nd or 3rd pair of hands to get the job done? Hire Profile is tight with top-notch production people who are abnormally well-versed in all the key layout and vector art programs for print and Web. When you’re in a crunch call on one of our pixel jockeys to make all your deadlines come true.

Graphic Designers

There is absolutely no substitute for a trained visual artist who can conceptualize an idea or bring a message to life with visuals, color and type. Trust us, Apples and Swooshes (or even readable banners) do not just happen without a talented designer coaxing them into being.

Art Directors

These visual commandos are responsible for brainstorming, directing and overseeing the creative process and deliverables. A skilled art director is a valuable liaison between the client and other internal or external resources. In an agency setting, art directors can often be found huddled in an office with a copywriting partner, and both parties think they are the real brains behind the operation.

Creative Directors

The creative buck stops here. Creative directors are the ultimate in hired guns for any project. They direct and manage the creative process and often are the ones responsible for the “big idea.” Besides being the head creative honchos, they have to save a little bandwidth for their management and administrative responsibilities.

Web Developers

These are the people who bring the Web to life. Designers and art directors make it look pretty and developers make it work. They use HTML, CSS, PHP and lots of other letters in the alphabet to create functional websites that are as elegant under the hood as they are on the showroom floor.

Flash Designers/Developers

Flash designers and developers bring the fun by creating eye-catching landing pages, un-ignorable banner ads and engaging microsites. When the Web moves and grooves with memorable experiences, you know a talented Flash expert was hard at work.

Mobile App Developers

These days, you’re only as good as your app. Many users mainly interact with brands via mobile so having a mobile version of your site and an app is essential for connecting with your target audience. A Mobile Developer will create the app you need to connect with your customers on the go.

Information Architects

An information architect is a strategic thinker who considers both the needs of your business and the expectations of your customers to create a site map, which becomes the building blocks of your website. Then he or she hands off the site map to the User Interface/User Experience person – unless they are one and the same.


User Interface people define how a user interacts with a site or software. They establish the overall experience by determining what goes where on the page and setting a structural hierarchy. They create wireframes, which are the blueprints of the website world. Great wireframes allow designers and writers to do their best work.