Why Hire Profile?

Our Approach

Recruiting and placement are undertakings that demand professional expertise and an in-depth knowledge of a client’s objectives, values and selection criteria. We will initiate a recruiting assignment by working with your hiring manager or other designated individual to develop a position/project description and the selection criteria.

In conducting a search, we undertake to identify, contact and evaluate candidates who meet our mutually agreed-upon criteria. By doing this we are able to present thoroughly evaluated, qualified and interested candidates for each opportunity.

Hire Profile talent are more visible

The Hire Profile team has been in the Atlanta marketing and creative industry for more than a decade so we know the lay of the land. Getting hired is a matter of the right combination of talent and connections, and we have plenty of both to offer on each side of the placement equation.

Our mission is to be the most versatile marketing and creative resource firm offering the most qualified creative solutions in Atlanta. We aim to be top of mind for clients that want to find an agency or acquire skilled employees and freelancers through our comprehensive services of recruiting, staffing, project outsourcing, and agency search.

We handle the leg work

Whether you are looking for a freelancer, a team, an agency or for a permanent hire, Hire Profile wades through the mediocrity to find superstars. Let us handle the posting, phone calls, e-mails and the screening process for you. Because we know what you are looking for, we can present you with options that are a match for your goals.

Work with people who love what they do

Personal relationships are the heart and soul of this business. Partnering with you and our talent energizes us, and we couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

We have a genuine passion for this work and our clients feel it in every interaction. Working with Hire Profile means you have a dedicated agent who is invested in your business. Finding the people you need to succeed is our #1 priority.

Not sure who you need?  Visit Who We Place for descriptions of your ideal creative resource.