Just the right amount of choice.

Options are great. Unless there are too many. Or not enough. Hire Profile gives you the flexibility you need to find your ideal resources and maximize your talent budget. Here’s a brief menu of the services we provide:

freelance  On-site & Off-site freelancers (project fees or hourly)

Whether you like to see the creative process in action, or just want to see the end result, Hire Profile will find you the talent you need. Our flexible freelancers are prepared to work in whatever manner is best for you. Besides connecting you with top creative and marketing talent, we also handle negotiating the freelancer’s hourly rate, weekly invoicing, payments, Worker’s Comp and E&O insurance.

images-1  Freelance to permanent placements (30/60/90 day trials)

We believe in the beauty of “try before you buy.” Hire Profile can arrange a freelance trial period before bringing someone on permanently. This can reduce your final placement fee and give you the time to get to know someone before making your final hiring decision.

perm-place  Permanent Placements (direct hire)

Choose from a bigger pond. Hire Profile will source both active AND passive candidates for you. A Hire Profile recruiter will interview all candidates, then the best of the best will be scheduled to interview with your team. We handle the scheduling, negotiations, and offers. All of our placements are guaranteed so you can feel confident about your selection.

search  Agency search

You want the agency of your dreams. You don’t have time to look. Hire Profile is the perfect partner to escort you through the search and review process. Let us use our objectivity and inside knowledge to bring you a shortlist of firms that meet your specific criteria. We can bring you unbeatable business intelligence that condenses your search timeline and pairs you with the perfect marketing partner.

assessments  Online candidate assessments

Hire Profile uses references, referrals, and our seasoned intuition to vet the candidates we present to you. However, when you need to take the selection process a step further, we are the only creative staffing firm to offer a powerful online assessment tool that screens for particular skill sets and expertise. It’s extra insurance that the talent behind the portfolio will perform as expected and allows you to view candidates through their strengths.

Download our capabilities

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