Andres – Designer/Photographer

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Andres is a Design Director and Photographer who is fully committed to the creative process. He loves creativity in all of its expressions, and constantly pursues greater levels of execution through his work. Andres never shies away from a project. He loves challenges and cracking the code of those challenges in a creative and graphic way. In his sixteen years in advertising and nine years as a photographer he has worked for many different types of clients, products, services and brands such as Toyota, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Petco, Asics and many others in between. He has a great ability to connect with and mentor other talented designers, and he can clearly articulate what his vision is with other creatives, as well as executive teams and clients.

As a designer Andres is capable of a wide range of styles. He doesn’t believe in just mastering a single design aesthetic, but continuously explores and expands his skill set in order to be able to produce work that looks fresh, cutting edge and delightful. It is also easy to see his passion for technology as he is constantly looking for new ways to create and new devices to implement that convey ideas in a more meaningful and powerful way.

Andres Has a Master’s in Fine Arts from the Academy of Art University where he graduated top of his class. He has worked for multiple outstanding advertising agencies across the United States, including Grey San Francisco, MGSCOMM (Miami / NYC), RAPP (NYC), Mirium / formerly Digitaria (San Diego), Vitro (San Diego) and BBDO (Atlanta).

Andres is interested in exploring permanent and freelance opportunities. Contact Hire Profile at 404.806.2285 to schedule an interview today!